We love the experience of gardening, so we build innovative products that enable anyone to experience a homegrown harvest.


A Garden-in-a-bag with seeds, weed barrier, and soil, shipped to you ready to be planted.


If you can make a bed, You can "plant" a Seedsheet. No overalls required.


Perfectly designed, no weeds, and organic non-GMO awesomeness. Just add water.

Efficient - Plant perfectly organized gardens in less than a minute. As easy as making a bed.
Save Money - The pictured 10'x16' Seedsheet contains 311 plants and yields $800 worth of produce.
Best Seeds - 100% organic non-GMO seeds from High Mowing Seeds.
Weedless - Seedsheets are made from a weed barrier fabric, which means your plants will grow bigger.
The Right Fit - Size for popular windowsills, porches, and raised bed sizes.
Expertly Designed - With optimal spacing, companion planting, and intercropping for the best garden possible.
Pest Resistant - Companion planting keeps away bugs, now you just have to worry about thieving neighbors.
Shelf Life - A multi-year shelf life means you can give the gift of a garden and plant whenever works best.
We are proud to team up with the National Gardening Association to develop the Plant1-Pedge1 campaign and donate Seedsheets to classrooms across America.



Mix Seedsheet
  • Includes: