How to Harvest Basil

Basil is easy to grow and with proper harvesting techniques, it will continue to produce more leaves! Begin harvesting when the plant is at least 6" tall, after about 4 weeks of growth. See our tips below on how to pick your basil for the best results.


How to Harvest Sweet Basil:

  1. After about 4 weeks of growth, when the plants are at least 6" tall, identify the top cluster of leaves, above the second set of leaves on the main stem.
  2. Take a pair of scissors, and snip the main stem right below this top cluster and above the second set of leaves. This will allow for the plant to grow side-shoots and develop into a lush, bushy plant for additional harvests in just a few days.
  3. Here is a recipe to make your own Seedsheet Pesto.

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