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Take Control of Your Food

We Make it ridiculously easy.

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The best way to know where your food comes from, and trust that it was grown safely and sustainably is to Grow It Yourself. 

Meet Seedsheet; the Blue Apron for Agriculture. 


Choose from our curated recipe gardens:

or Design your own:


Welcome to the future of food

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What is it?

A roll-out garden. Dissolvable pods, like laundry pods, contain a buffer of soil and organic nonGMO seeds. They are optimally arranged within a weed-blocking sheet.


To plant

Simply place the Seedsheet on top of a container full to the brim with soil.


Once watered,

The seed pods dissolve, the plants sprout through the weed blocking fabric, and the result is the perfectly spaced organic weedless garden! 

Are you a plant Killer?


No worries. Your garden will text you.

When you register your Seedsheet you'll receive personalized notifications to help you grow from seed to supper.

It's almost too easy... almost.


April showers are overrated.


Why wait for Spring when you can enjoy farm-fresh produce all year long, harvested right in the comfort of your home?

No pants required.

Join the growing revolution!


We can't wait to grow with you.

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