Windowsill / Porch Kit Instructions

Small enough to fit on your porch or windowsill, but big enough to replace several trips to the supermarket! The 1'x3' Seedsheets pack a plant-based punch, and can yield a ton of delicious food! Especially if this is your first garden, we want it to be successful, so here are the resources to turn you into a homesteading hero!


How to Prepare your Seedsheet

First fill a planter box with good healthy organic soil (Amazon prime is your friend). Be sure to fill soil to the brim so your seedlings will get full sun when they sprout! Place the Seedsheet on top of the soil, ensuring that the seeds are on the underside. Add water gradually with a misting nozzle or watering can until pods dissolve fully, continue watering until the soil contained in the pods is noticeably moist. Click below for more helpful information. 


How to water your seedsheet

Water, water, water! Seeds need constant contact with water to start their germination process, so it is especially important during the first two weeks to keep soil moist and water at least once daily. As the plants develop and show their true leaves you can reduce watering frequency. Click below for more helpful information.


How to harvest your seedsheet

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A critical step to maximizing your plants' yield is regularly trimming them to maintain the spacing to allow for sunlight to penetrate and room to grow! The best part is that you get to eat while you trim! With proper harvesting you will extend the life of your garden and enjoy many more homegrown meals! Click below for more helpful information..