Indoor Garden Kit

Indoor Garden Kit


Enjoy farm fresh meals all year long, grown inside your home! Why wait for April Showers when you can harvest delicious on-demand meals and ingredients right off your kitchen counter? 

Indoor Garden Kit includes:

  • A multi-spectrum efficient LED light which draws minimal power and stays cool with its two integrated fans
  • Adjustable light stand which rises with your garden
  • Digital timer for optimal photosynthesis

This intuitive indoor kit, plus a garden that texts you when it needs help, will surely turn you into a gardening guru! As we like to say, the best tasting tomato you've ever had is the one you pick off the vine in the middle of a snowstorm ;)

Please note, the Indoor Garden Kit does not include a Seedsheet and container, please purchase those here.

***Indoor Garden Kits will ship out on March 26th***

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Pick fresh food right off your kitchen counter.


This Indoor Gardening Kit is designed to grow with any Seedsheet.


Yes, it's that easy to put a farmers market inside your home or apartment. Time to grow!