Custom Large Plant

Custom Large Plant

from 24.99

Design your own Large Plant Custom Seedsheet

Create your ideal virtual garden, and we'll build it and ship it straight to your door. It's not meal delivery, it's FARM delivery!

Choose from over 40 different types of delicious nonGMO plants that have been specifically selected because of their ability to flourish in small container gardens. The list of available plants is filtered so you can be confident that your plants will thrive! This is the epitome of Pick Your Own gardening! 

Select your favorite large plant for the middle of this Seedsheet and grow your own tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, sunflowers and more! The outside perimeter plant choices are filtered to include smaller plants that won't compete with your large plant. 

Due to the custom manufacturing required, please allow up to 2-weeks for Custom Seedsheet delivery.

  • Seedsheet only: $24.99
  • Seedsheet & Container: $44.99
  • Seedsheet, Container & Soil: $59.99
  • Seedsheet, Container, Soil, & Indoor Light Kit: $174.99***

***Indoor Garden Kits will ship out on Jan 20th***

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