GYO Cocktails Seedsheet

GYO Cocktails Seedsheet

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I'll have a martini... Grown, not stirred.

Grow your own cocktails!? Who knew gardening could be so fun! This amazing kit features a variety of beautiful and strong aromatic herbs ready to infuse your booze and turn you into a mixology master. Easy step-by-step instructions will help you along the journey from seed to sip, so you’ll enjoy a summer of balcony-grown botanical beverages!

  • Organic nonGMO seeds contained in dissolvable pouches

  • Weed-blocking fabric keeps your garden weed free!

  • Perfectly spaced and companion planted for all-natural pest reduction and soil fertilization

  • Fits in any 12" pot or container

Whether your want to Grow Your Own, or Give the Gift of a Garden, this Cocktail Gardening Kit includes 8 varieties of aromatic and whimsical drink ingredients: Thai Basil, Cutting Celery, Pea Shoots, Purple Basil, Lemon Balm, Tulsi, Borage, and Bronze Fennel Greens.
Simply place this Seedsheet on top of a container full of soil, secure with the included stakes, add water, and turn your porch, patio, deck, or roof into your own personal farmers market. Grows up to $105 worth of produce!

  • Seedsheet only: $14.99
  • Seedsheet & Container: $34.99
  • Seedsheet, Container & Soil: $49.99
  • Seedsheet, Container, Soil, & Indoor Light Kit: $164.99***

***Indoor Garden Kits will ship out on Jan 20th***

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