GYO Caprese Seedsheet

GYO Caprese Seedsheet

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Mmmmmm, basil and tomatoes, a match made in heaven.

Enjoy everyone’s favorite summer dish with this Grow Your Own Caprese Seedsheet. You’ll grow dozens of sweet, juicy, red Glacier Tomatoes, and deliciously pungent, savory basil. Combine those magical ingredients together with slices of mozzarella and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and you will be the champion of every summer potluck!

  • Organic nonGMO seeds contained in dissolvable pouches
  • Weed-blocking fabric keeps your garden weed free!
  • Perfectly spaced and companion planted for all-natural pest reduction and soil fertilization
  • Fits in any 12" pot or container

This Grow Your Own Caprese Garden Kit includes fast growing Glacier Tomatoes, and 3 Sweet Basil plants. These container-friendly plant types quickly flourish in small spaces, and can be continually harvested through the summer as they regenerate. Use the tomatoes and basil for traditional Italian dishes, or skip the kitchen and enjoy off-the-vine snacking!

Simply place this Seedsheet on top of a container full of soil, secure with the included stakes, add water, and turn your porch, patio, deck, or roof into your own personal farmers market! Grows up to $87 worth of produce!

  • Seedsheet only: $14.99
  • Seedsheet & Container: $34.99
  • Seedsheet, Container & Soil: $49.99
  • Seedsheet, Container, Soil, & Indoor Light Kit: $164.99***

***Indoor Garden Kits will ship out on Feb 26th***

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