The idea is simple, you purchase a Seedsheet for you, and we'll donate one to your school!

Gardening is an integral part of a school curriculum, teaching biology, ecology, plant & soil science, and (the best part) food! We want to make sure that everyoneespecially kids, knows where their food comes from, so we want to help teachers show them first-hand. 


How does it work?

We will generate a coupon code specific to your individual school, which you can circulate among students' parents, email lists, and social networks. Whenever someone purchases a Seedsheet and uses your coupon code at checkout, we will donate a Grow Your Own Seedsheet to the school. Each campaign lasts for 30-days, and provides a great opportunity to support your local school, rally your community around a truly wholesome and nutritious cause, and help show kids where their food really comes from. Plus, you also get your own garden too ;)

For knowledge

Food transparency is in a bit of a rough spot, and yet even while teachers desperately try to help point the way, the reality is that most food comes from a box, and veggies are all but unknown to kids. There's an undeniable "AHA moment" for a kid as she plucks her first carrot from the ground, pulls a tomato off the vine, or watches a spindly pea plant grow from a single pea seed. Gardening provides a level of understanding that you really can't replicate with a workbook or movie... Plus it is significantly tastier.

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for utility

It is amazing to see how many schools are beginning to grow their own food, even turning football fields into farm fields. Bland cafeteria food is getting the upgrade it seriously needed, with hotdogs and pizza bagels getting replaced with pesto and zoodles. There is a balance to be had though, teachers need a garden to be successful for it to be educational, and schools usually don't have the staff or time to manage a large gardening effort. Don't worry, we're here to help.