When is the Right Time to Plant Your Garden Outside?

When is the Right Time to Plant Your Garden Outside?

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably jumping out of your winter boots to get into the garden and start harvesting fresh greens! However, even with those strangely warm-winter temperatures (say, a 60 degree day in the middle of February), it is best to wait until a more “reliable” time to start your garden. Here are some rules-of-green-thumb:


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Prepare your soil whenever the ground is thawed. If you feel like getting some fresh air during that gorgeous stretch of unseasonably warm winter temperatures, have at it! As long as the ground is soft, it is fair game to begin to prepare your soil for the growing season. Grab some compost, organic soil mixture, and organic fertilizer, and mix it right in with a garden fork.

Look up the last frost date for your region. This is the best practice for deciding when to plant your Seedsheet (or seeds). Dave’s Garden has a great frost date calculator. Simply enter in your zip code and you’ll have your safest planting date!

While you wait for your ideal planting day...get your supplies ready! Pick out the Seedsheets that are right for your space. Do you have a couple of 4’x4’ raised beds (and a serious love for caprese salad)? Pick out a 4'x6' Tomato Seedsheet and cut it in half to split between your beds (or give half to your neighbor!). We like to think “outside the box”. 

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