What Seeds Can You Plant In the Summer & Fall?

What seeds can you plant in the summer and fall?

  Extend the gardening season, and keep the growing-going! Here are tips for the BEST seeds to plant mid-season.

Have you been meaning to get to planting your first garden, but feel like you've missed "the window"? It's a common myth that seeds must be planted at the very first sign of spring OR ELSE you'll miss out on the entire growing season! Much to your advantage, we here to debunk this false premise immediately. Check out our essential tips on how to plant now, for delicious mid-summer and fall harvests.

The Best Seeds to Plant in the Summer and Fall

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Seed-selection is KEY.

Some seeds require much less time than others to mature before harvesting. Choose seed varieties that are faster to grow to continue planting throughout the summer and fall.

Additionally, some seed varieties actually prefer cool, fall weather to yield the tastiest results. Planting specific varieties of herbs, peas, beans, and hardy-greens in the summer works well because these varieties will thrive well into cooler autumn temperatures.

The Best Seeds to Plant in the Summer and Fall

Are you planting in a HOT Southern climate?

Lucky you, mid-summer means it's closer to your gardening-season! It's time to gear-up for growing after the summer-heat breaks in August and September. Most varieties can be planted comfortably when temperatures get down to the 80-90F degree range.

The best seeds to plant in the summer and fall

Keep your gardens alive, move them inside!

Is your climate region expecting a frost? By planting your seeds in a container garden, it is easy to transfer plants inside to a windowsill when the temperatures go below freezing.  If your garden is mature from a mid-summer planting, it will continue to grow in a sunny, south-facing window (at least 8+ hours/day) once brought inside. With your basil so close to the food processor, your kitchen may become the pesto-express!

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The Best Seeds to Plant in the Summer and Fall

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