TropiKale Smoothie Recipe

    When you think you've had every possible kale smoothie in the book, don't retire your blender just yet. How about changing up your dark leafy greens into something more...tropi-kale? This one might just send you off into a Caribbean-daydream, even if you're still sitting at your desk at work. 

    Let's call in some tropical fruit to make things more interesting. Pineapple naturally reduces joint and muscle inflammation, and is a huge boost to the immune system. Mango improves digestion, clears your skin, and lowers cholesterol. Did we mention they taste a lot different than your routine kale smoothie? When combined with banana (potassium!) and kale, you've got a winner here. 



Handful of Kale (from your garden)


½ Pineapple, peeled, cored, and chopped

1 mango, peeled and de-pitted

Splash of water or handful of ice cubes



Blend until well combined. Try some of our suggested steps below to kick it up a notch.



-Freeze your chopped banana, pineapple & mango chunks before blending to make the smoothie thicker & colder. 

-Purchase your pineapple and mango already chopped and frozen to save prep time. 

-Mix in some chia seeds or ground flax after blending for added fiber and omega-3's.

-Add your favorite protein powder or plain Greek yogurt for "staying power"/#gains. 


Tropi-kale-ify your life.


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