The Top 3 Benefits of Growing Your Own Cocktail Garden


Herbal cocktails are all the rage these days, with key qualities being low in sugar/artificial syrups and high in fresh, natural ingredients. Using fresh herbs in drinks is a great way to harness health benefits from these powerful plants, and actually feel great about partaking in happy hour libations. anywhere from $12-$18 a pop, these add up fast, even after offering to cover just the first round. Yikes.

Want-in on the KEY to creating your own top-notch botanical beverages? Fresh, flavorful, varieties of herbs, growing right at your fingertips does the trick. By starting with high-quality herbs grown yourself, you can entertain the whole crew on a dime with drinks even fresher than the bar's. (Is this your new calling?)

Below are three benefits to plant a cocktail garden. Is this finally your reason to grow that green thumb? Stay with us, we're here to help!

top 3 benefits of growing your own cocktail garden

1. Grow Unique Ingredients

The hardest task when making new cocktails is having unique, fresh ingredients to create a masterpiece.  By growing a cocktail garden, the combinations are endless from decorative ice cubes to naturally-flavored simple syrups.  Have you ever tried looking for Thai Basil flowers or Borage at the grocery store? Most of the produce grown in your cocktail garden is never available in stores, and hard to track down at farmer's markets.

Growing your own interesting and potent aromatic herbs is the only solution to having access to these ingredients. Stop limiting yourself to the few bleak herb bunches on the grocery shelf and raise the bar!

top 3 benefits of growing your own cocktail garden

2. Real Flavor, Sugar = optional

One of the most common concerns about restaurant-made cocktails is high sugar contents. Do you know exactly how much sugar is being added to your favorite drinks? Even when ordering coveted botanical cocktails in a restaurant setting, the ingredients are never as fresh as if you've harvested the herbs yourself, inches from your kitchen "bar". PRO TIP: fresher = more flavor. 

With a personal cocktail garden, flavor drinks with the addition of the freshest ingredients instead of pouring in the fake-flavored syrups or wilted herbs.  Bring on the most-local, low-sugar liquids!

top 3 benefits of growing your own cocktail garden

3. Medicinal Benefits, Toast to Your Health

Perhaps the most compelling advantage to making homegrown cocktails, is the medicinal benefits that come from these ingredients. EVERY homegrown herb variety has some kind of superfood health-boosting component. 

Herbs such as Thai Basil and Purple Basil contain disease-fighting and anxiety-reducing compounds. Herb Celery helps protect your liver and boosts digestion, while Borage promotes skin health and has anti-inflammatory properties.  Even Bronze Fennel is a great stomach pain remedy for days you may not be feeling your best. Add fresh garden ingredients to botanical beverages, and reap the benefits for your body while savoring the super-fruits of your labor!


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top 3 benefits of growing your own cocktail garden

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