How to Start a Garden in Washington, DC

Washington, D.C. residents, it's time to start your first garden, even in that tiny apartment or townhouse.


If you live in the mild and beautiful Washington, DC, besides noticing an influx of tourists visiting your dreamy-cherry blossoms right about now, you may have also realized how mild the climate is (especially if you're been anywhere north of Virginia). Growing a garden seems ideal here in D.C., but maybe you’re thinking you don’t have enough space to produce anything. On the contrary, it’s time to get creative! Plants grow in all different shapes and sizes, and with a windowsill, patio or rooftop, container gardening is the ultimate solution to becoming your own urban farmer’s market.

Here are a few tips to get started:

1. Start small, grow some herbs.

Herbs are easy to grow and don't require much space. In fact many varieties prefer to be grown in containers. Having fresh herbs to cut from your balcony and throw into a parsley-grilled cheese, zingy salad dressing, or even a blueberry basil smoothie is not only delicious, but rewarding because you grew it! You can walk a little taller knowing you’ve boosted the nutrients (and love) in your food.

2. Grab a box & soil to plant.

Head to your local hardware store or garden center to find a container for your plants (or, order supplies on Amazon Prime and muscle that free shipping). Use a good organic variety of potting soil, and make sure the container has good drainage (holes at the bottom). Self-watering containers are also useful, especially if you tend to travel often and your dog isn’t capable of watering your plants for you (yet).

3. Put your garden together.  

Buy some plants in pots and be careful not to drop them on the way home. Otherwise, try out a Seedsheet with the organic herb/veg/flower varieties you want to grow. Just open, unfold, and plant your garden in 30 seconds. Seedsheets were made for the big city--rooftop, windowsill and patio-friendly.

Happy Planting, DC!