How to Start a Garden in San Francisco


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Is your New Year’s resolution to grow your own food in San Francisco? For those Bay Area folks with a long growing season, planting a Seedsheet is just about the easiest way to hop on the homegrown-bandwagon! As far as everyone else, no matter what the weather is, your Seedsheet is safe inside near a sunny window or under an inexpensive grow light

Let’s talk about space. Do you live in a Tanner-style row house with a backyard, the same size as Comet’s? Do you have a small postage-stamp lot with a concrete path? Are you in a squished-studio apartment? No excuses here folks, you can plant just about anywhere with a some rich, fluffy soil. 

If you have a backyard garden, January is a wonderful time to plant your 4'x8' Vegetable Seedsheet or 2'x3' Greens Seedsheet. If you need something smaller, any container or garden bed that is at least 1’x3’ fits the Herb, Greens, or Tea Seedsheet perfectly. For other containers, grab a few of them and cut any Seedsheet for whatever size you need! Make the tools work for you, that’s what we’re here for.


Simply fill your container of choice with rich soil, moisten the mixture, and lay the Seedsheet on top (seed side down). Water the Seedsheet until the pods are dissolved. If inside, place on a windowsill or under a grow light. Then sit back, pour a glass of cranberry lemonade, and make yourself a snack. Let’s be real, you can pat yourself on the back, you’ve just started a garden!

Water once or twice per day, depending on how sunny it is. Make sure to keep the soil moist, especially before the seeds germinate. Careful not to over water, but don’t let the soil dry out completely. 


In anywhere from 2-4 weeks, your salad greens will be ready to harvest! Allow a couple more weeks for the herbs and tea plants. Greens can take multiple cuttings, so when you trim off some salad, leave the base of the plant and you should get more harvests out of it. 

Happy Seedsheet gardening, San Franciscans!

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