How To Prepare Your Garden For Future-Food

Now that you’ve figured out how deep your garden soil needs to be, it’s time to get your building blocks together to plant your vegetables, flowers and herbs!


Here are 3 simple steps to getting your garden together & growing:

1. Buy Some Soil 

Head over to your local garden center and check out the soil. Ask any questions you have in person! Folks who work at garden centers are experienced gardeners and usually love to share knowledge about planting. Pick up some bags of organic soil, and sling it over your shoulder for the walk or drive home. For a raised bed, use a 1:1 ratio of topsoil to compost. For a planter box, you can do the same, or just use potting soil. 

Too heavy? No car? Too addicted to the new season of House of Cards that you can't move from the couch? Don’t forget, it is 2016 and Amazon Prime exists. If you just can't bring home soil to your 5th floor walk-up apartment, get on the internet and order some dirt. An organic variety with good reviews is always a true bet. Plus, free shipping. 



2. Grab Some Organic Fertilizer

Don’t be afraid of fertilizing your soil. Plants benefit greatly from having a boost of nutrients (especially for heavy feeders like corn, tomatoes, or peppers).

If you’re growing brassicas like kale or cauliflower, try adding some blood meal this year. The name sounds scary, but it is actually a really beneficial source of nitrogen for your plants. This is a great article explaining some benefits from Seattle Urban Farm Company. Don’t worry about a mess, try a product that is granular and easy to use.

For a general-purpose nutrient boost, try an all-around organic fertilizer. Even though you’ve probably never read the entire instruction manual for your iPhone, do yourself a favor and read the back of the fertilizer bag. It is important to get the quantity correct depending on the amount of soil you’re amending.

Find organic fertilizer at your local garden store (...or tack it onto your online soil order over on Prime).

3. Plant Your Seedsheet

Plant outside after your region's last frost, or inside whenever you want. Place your Seedsheet on top of your newly prepared soil. Just water and wait, and you’ll be running your own farmer’s market in no time. 



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