Plant a Ready-to-Eat "Grazing Garden" with Kids


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Fresh herbs are easy to grow and a rewarding DIY activity to do with kids. Have your own kids or neighborhood crew all plant together right outside of your home. When people walk by, they can harvest a snack, which will quickly accustom them to fresh tastes. By including kids in the actual planting, they will feel more ownership over the project and be proud of their homegrown success. 

Herbs like basil, cilantro, parsley, and dill only need about 35-45 days to begin harvesting from, so your timing for planting can be flexible (it's usually not too late). Other vegetables can be relatively fast-growing for an "instant gratification" effect too such as carrots, peas, and beans. Without weed competition, your plants will grow even healthier so using mulch or planting a Seedsheet will allow for larger harvests (and less work!).

By setting up a "grazing bar" for kids to help themselves, they will also be more likely to try new things. Eating herbs at leisure in between neighborhood games of tag is a fun, interactive asset to a landscape. 

Growing your own food is exciting and empowering. Start 'em young to be lifelong healthy eaters.

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