5 Ways to Take Your Garden to the Next Level


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So, you started a garden last year. Thanks to your 5'x10' Vegetable/Herb Seedsheet, you were able to plant your vegetables in 30 seconds. You had plenty of time to host a backyard potluck, go to the park for picnics, and get to all of your pick-up soccer games (or maybe your kid's tee-ball games). Regardless of how you managed all your new free time, we call it a #SeedsheetSuccess.

Now, here are 5 (easy) ways to take your gardening game to the next level. We know you're ready!


Here we go, 5 tips for gardening in 2016:

1. Crop Rotation. Give your plants new scenery. Nightshades (eggplant, tomatoes, peppers), cruciferous plants (cabbage, kale, broccoli), lettuces, etc., should be rotated to different sections of the garden each season. Any species-specific pests in the soil will be fooled by this tactic and you’ll have much healthier harvests. Another great reason to rotate your crops year-to-year is that certain plant groups absorb some nutrients more than others, so this is a great way to balance out your soil’s fertility. 

2. Themed Garden Beds. Are you known for hosting backyard barbecues? Plant a section of veggies so your guests can harvest from garden-to-grill at the party. How about a pizza garden, planting garden beds with 100% pizza-friendly toppings? A tea garden is also a great theme idea, especially to have all of your plants for steeping in one place. These are phenomenal ways to engage kids (as well as the grown-ups). 

3. Indoor growing. With as little as a windowsill or small table, gardening isn't just for the summer. We can grow food all year long by trying out indoor growing. Without solid light exposure from a window, low-cost LED grow lights are a great option. All you need is a container, soil, and a 1'x3' Herb Seedsheet and you’ve got your own personal herb pantry! If your container is a different shape than the Seedsheet, cut the fabric to fit your needs. 

4. Grow your own cut-flowers. We all know that having freshly-cut flowers on display brightens up any room. Why not try growing your own? You'll have instant charm in your home, not to mention, wowing out-of-town guests. 

5. Preserve the harvest. Who doesn’t love to crack open a jar of homemade dilly beans in the dead of winter? Try planting extra in your garden this summer to test your skills at canning and preserving. Keep your eyes peeled, we'll be posting plenty of preservation recipes & methods this growing season for all of your Seedsheet-saving needs. 


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