This Mother's Day, Give Mom the Gift of a Garden


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This Mother's Day, don't just give mom a dinner out, give her the gift of a garden!

Meal-delivery was so 2015, this year give Mom farm-delivery.


Your mom doesn't need another pair of gardening gloves, so we gathered some ideas for you to plant the perfect garden for Mother's Day. Regardless of time, green thumb-skills, or space, you've got options. There's no giving up this time!

Plant a windowsill box full of flowers.

    Sure, you could pick out plants at the store and try desperately to keep them alive until Mother’s Day when you (hopefully) transplant them in your mom's garden. Maybe that's above your head, or you simply don't have enough time (it's spring, after all). Instead, just grab a 1'x3' Flower Seedsheet, a bag of soil, and a container and set it all up in her windowsill or on the porch. Add water, and voila: a perfect flower box, that'll be bursting with blooms in no time. No weeds, just water and watch.

Combine vegetables, herbs and flowers for a complete-package garden

    Siblings are difficult to compromise with when everyone has their own idea of the "perfect" Mother's Day garden. Be the family hero and suggest a little bit of everything: vegetables, aromatic herbs, and flowers. Try planting a perfect arrangement of tomatoes, basil, and marigolds. These organic, non-GMO tomato varieties are quick to mature (~50 days) so mom will have a weedless selection of perfect harvests for caprese salads for many endless summer days. Marigolds interplanted in this Tomato Seedsheet will attract butterflies and other beneficial insects, and keep the yard looking beautiful and functional.

Plant a plethora of rainbow petals to last all season long

    If you have a larger the space to fill, why not pack it with a full-spectrum flower garden? Plant a 4’x8’ organic flower arrangement with calendula, nasturtiums, sunflowers, and zinnias. These varieties are great for all kinds of fun recipes, pollinator species habitat, cut-flower decorations, and DIY beauty projects.

A garden-in-a-bag for mom turns into an overflowing box of endless harvests!

A garden-in-a-bag for mom turns into an overflowing box of endless harvests!

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