Mango-Cilantro Salsa Recipe

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It's Cinco de Mayo time! This year, create the most ideal combination of sweet, and savory with the simplest salsa using fresh mangoes, homegrown cilantro, and cucumbers.

The key here is matching the dice-size of each ingredient for an eye-pleasing and easy-to-scoop snack. The more cilantro & lime the merrier, in our book.


½ Large cucumber (plucked off the vine)

Handful of cilantro (snipped from your Herbs Seedsheet)

1 Mango, peeled and cubed

½ Red onion, diced

1 Lime, sliced into wedges for squeezing

Sea Salt to taste


Add all of the ingredients to your favorite serving bowl and surround it with a mountain of tortilla chips. Taste-test for good measure--this is a crowd pleaser that you'll be able to recreate without a recipe. 



-Try using other fruits for sweetness if you don't have a mango. Pineapple and melon are great here. 

-Add a minced jalepeno pepper from your Pizza Seedsheet for more of a kick !

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