Kickstarter to The Home Depot in One Year


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Our entrepreneurship journey has been one heck of a wild ride, fueled by dangerous levels of coffee, and countered with obscenely healthy amounts of vegetables, the past year seems to have flown by in an instant. Our team has grown, our products have evolved, and we are so thankful for all of the support and encouragement we've received from customers, suppliers, friends and families. Here's to an amazing 2016!

To summarize the lunacy of this past year, below is a monthly milestone list. But first, let me preface our accomplishments with our most memorable metric to date... Since we moved into our factory in May, we have ordered, aaaand consumed 36 POUNDS of coffee grounds. Let that sink in for a bit... that equates to 72 gallons of brewed java, or 1152 cups. Now on to the fun stuff:

  • In February we left our jobs to work full-time with Seedsheet.
  • In March we raised an investment round.
  • In April we built up an awesome team.
  • In May we moved into an empty factory and built our own custom machinery.
  • In June we fulfilled our Kickstarter orders.
  • In July we launched our website to the public.
  • In August we attended our first trade show.
  • In September we launched our first Zulily campaign.
  • In October we refined our machinery and doubled our output.
  • In November we built up our inventory.

It has been so amazingly fun to build this company from the ground up, to have started quite literally as an idea while gardening, and blossomed (pun) into the company that we are today. Again, a heartfelt thanks to everyone that has helped us along in our first year of operation. To many more!