How to Water Your Seedsheet

We hacked agriculture and made you a garden. Yes, you can plant it in 30 seconds and spend time with your kids and not your weeds. All of this is going give you pounds of organic veggies in no time, but let’s make sure we get off on the right foot.

Here are the key steps to WATERING your Seedsheet for the first time:


1. Lay Seedsheet on top of prepared soil, seed-side down.

2. Water over pods with a watering can or hose nozzle, on the “shower” setting until the film starts to dissolve. There is no need to peel or poke the clear film, as it will 100% dissolve in less than a minute. 

3. Water again over the Seedsheet until the pods are completely dissolved and the soil is thoroughly moist. 

4. Water your garden until it is fully moist every morning (and possibly evening if it has been a hot/dry day).

5. Watch your perfect, weedless garden grow.

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