How to Water Your Container Seedsheet Garden

Once you've prepared your container garden for planting, it's time to water your Seedsheet. Here are the steps to water your garden correctly, the first time.

  1. Water evenly on top of the pods, using a gentle watering can or hose nozzle. You will notice the film around the pods begin to shrivel up like a raisin. Pause, and let the water soak into the Seedsheet. Water repeatedly like this, pausing each time for a few seconds to allow for the film to effectively dissolve.

  2. After a minute or two, you will notice the film break through and water can start to soak the soil within the pods. Continue to water your container garden until the film is completely gone and the soil within the pods is wet all the way through. This soil acts like a sponge, and needs a significant amount of water to be saturated!

  3. Continue to water each morning, or whenever the soil begins to dry out. It is important to note that once seeds come into contact with moisture, they will begin to sprout. If the soil completely dries out during this germination process, the seeds won't survive.

  4. Remember, some seeds are lazy to "wake up" and need more time than others to germinate. Be patient and continue to keep watering. The slow pokes will sprout!