How to Thin Your Kale Plants


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It doesn't take a super green thumb to grow this super food! In addition to the usual sun, soil, water regime, a little thinning here and there can really foster the growth of your kale plants. We've compiled some advice for thinning kale below. 

Tips for thinning kale seedlings:

1. Kale plants are ready for thinning when seedlings have reached approximately 6 inches in height.

2. Thin seedlings to the extent that individual plants are 12 inches apart in distance, or one plant per pod in your Seedsheet

3. When choosing which seedlings to leave, select the largest, most developed of the seedlings. Pull the smaller, weaker seedlings.

4. To thin seedlings, water first to moisten the soil. 

5. Either tug gently upwards to detach the plant from the soil or use scissors to sever the plant close to the soil.