How to Thin Your Basil Plants


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Fresh basil is great to have in the kitchen to spice up flatbreads or for your own homemade pesto (check out our carrot top version!). Store-bought basil will last a few days at most, so why not grow your own fresh herbs and enjoy an endless supply all summer?

Lots of sun, water, and good soil will yield basil in 4 to 5 weeks, but to give your harvest a boost, try thinning your young herb seedlings. This will allow your plants sufficient space and nutrients to grow properly. Here’s a few tips and tricks for thinning your basil plants.


Tips for thinning basil seedlings:

1. It is best not to thin seedlings as soon as germination begins. Instead, wait about two weeks after you start seeing sprouts and they are about 1" tall.

2. Water your garden in the morning so that the soil is moist for thinning. This will help avoid stressing the remaining seedlings.

3. Thin seedlings so that individuals plants are approximately 6-9 inches apart, or 2 sprouts per pod in your Seedsheet

4. When choosing which seedlings to leave, select the largest, most developed of the seedlings. Pull up smaller, weaker seedlings instead. 

5. Pinch the stem close to the soil and tug upwards.