How to Start Your Dream Garden in Austin, Texas

February in Austin, TX means its time to start planting your garden outside!

With a few easy steps you can have your patios, front stoops, and backyards bursting with fresh salads in no time. 

You’re busy, we get it. Not to mention it’s hard to start a garden when you don’t know what to plant, how to plant it, or when you’ll have time to water it! With hot and dry temperatures, it’s a lot more difficult to keep your soil moist and your plants happy. Let’s tackle these hurdles together. We’re here to help you take advantage of the long growing season in the easiest possible way.

1. Prepare your soil. Add plenty of organic material (compost & nutrient-rich soil) to help retain moisture throughout the season. Loosen the soil (whether in a container or in your yard) so it is soft for your seeds to germinate and roots to develop.


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2. Choose your seeds. Organic, non-GMO is the safest way to go. Know where your seeds are coming from so your food is safe, good quality and chemical-free! We get our seeds from High Mowing Seeds in Wolcott, VT--an awesome company & trustworthy source. 

3. Time to plant your garden. Make sure to give each seed the space it needs, while also maximizing the harvest from your garden. Seed packets usually give this type of information...or if you’re numbers-adverse, you can try out a Salad Kit where we’ve already done the math for you. Just add water.

4. Mulch around the plants once they’ve germinated.  Using dead leaves or straw works well, but weed-barrier fabric works most effectively, blocking 100% of weeds. This is a great way to conserve waterretain soil moisture and prevent unwanted plants (weeds) in the garden. When weeds are blocked by mulch, all of the water can go exactly to your bumper crop! Want to save some time (& a headache)? Here, we’ve outfitted some pre-fab, mulched-gardens for you. You’re welcome.


Congrats Austonians, you’re all set with a fresh pair of green thumbs.

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