How to Plant a Container Garden for Growing Food on Your Rooftop, Patio, or Stoop


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Prepare your container the right way to start growing your own fresh ingredients!

Here are the essential steps to get started:

  1. Get a food-safe bucket for planting. Wash out an old 5-gallon pickle bucket and drill holes in the bottom. Or, head over to Amazon to get the full kit here (one-stop shop, plus free shipping with Prime). 
  2. Grab some pebbles or rocks (any small stones will do) and fill the bottom 3-6 inches of your bucket for an easy DIY drainage system. 
  3. Pick up a bag of fresh potting soil (20 quarts for a 5-gallon bucket, 14 quarts for a 3.5-gallon bucket). We recommend using organic soil whenever possible, because after all, you are what you eat! A healthy source of nutrients for your plants means the same stuff will be in your food. While ordering a Bucket Seedsheet Kit over on Amazon, tack on a bag of organic soil to your order. 
  4. Fill your bucket with soil right on top of those drainage pebbles. Make sure to top off the container to the brim because once moistened, the soil will settle a couple of inches.
  5. Water your soil so that it is thoroughly wet before planting. Do this in a sink or outside on your patio to spare an indoor mess. 
  6. Plant your Seedsheet seed-side-down on top of the soil, and secure it down using the included green stakes. **

**See our post on watering for the next steps to successfully plant your bucket garden.**