How to Harvest Zinnias


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Who doesn't love a little flower power in their garden beds? These beautiful, long-stem flowers are easy to grow from seed, can withstand summer heatwaves, and come in a variety of colors. Here's a few tips and tricks for harvesting zinnias.


Tips for harvesting zinnia:

1. Zinnias should be ready for picking approximately 8-10 weeks after planting from seed. These blooms reach surprising heights by the time they're mature!

2. Cut zinnias early in the morning when your blossoms are beginning to unfurl, before the heat of the day.

3. To harvest, cut stems using scissors. Zinnia stems are traditionally cut rather long for a vase (approximately 12 inches). 

4. When cutting zinnias, sever stem above buds or leaf nodes to encourage future production. More flowers for ya!

5. Once harvested, immediately remove all undesirable leaves and place stems into a bucket of water. This will help your blossoms hold on a bit longer.