How to Harvest Sunflowers and Sunflower Seeds


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Sunflowers make for beautiful garden and eventually a yummy snack too. While not the fastest growing plant in your beds, they're worth the wait! Here are some pointers for perfecting your sunflower harvest.


Tips for harvesting sunflowers and sunflower seeds:

1. Sunflowers are ready for harvesting at around 2-4 months, completely dependent on the variety grown. Flower Seedsheets feature the Teddy Sunflower, a variety that only takes about 50 days to flower (compared to others that can be up to 110 days)! Mature sunflowers will have a full wreath of bright yellow petals, and probably plenty of bees collecting pollen on their blossoms!

2. To harvest, simply sever the sunflower stem at the desired length using a gardening knife or scissors. 

3. Stick your blossoms in a vase and they should last for about a week. Teddy Sunflowers are especially amazing because they produce plenty of edible petals. Pull these off of the flower heads to dress up a salad or main dish (sure to wow a crowd).

4. If you intend to harvest the seeds of your sunflower, allow the heads to remain attached to the plant for several more weeks or until the back of the flower head is brown and dry. At this point there should be very few petals and large, black and white seeds should should remain. Mature flower heads should be severed from their stalks and allowed to dry upside-down in a well-ventilated space for up to one more month. After the seeds have fully dried on the heads, either store raw seeds in an air tight container or roast on a skillet or in the oven. 


A photo posted by Seedsheet (@seedsheet) on