How to Harvest and Store Parsley

Parsley makes a great addition to roasted veggies, chicken, pasta, and even smoothies, so why not skip the produce section and grow some yourself? Like basil, cilantro, and dill, this fresh herb loves to be harvested! Here's some answers to your questions about harvesting and storing this fresh herb. 


Tips for harvesting and storing parsley:

1. Parsley is said to be ready for harvesting when leafy stems each contain 3 leaves, this typically occurs at around 6 weeks after planting from seed. 

2. To harvest, use scissors to stems two inches above ground level. This will stimulate continued production whereas cutting just the leaves off of your plant will stunt production.

3. To encourage future growth, harvest stems from around the exterior of the plant and leave younger, central stems in tact to continue to mature.

4. Parsley has a short shelf life and is best when used immediately after harvesting. To store your fresh parsley, put stems In a jar of water, similar to cut-flowers.

5. If you're harvesting more than you can eat, try drying your parsley. Simply place your parsley in a well ventilated space and wait! Alternatively, try freezing fresh parsley either in its leafy form or chopped in ice cub trays.