How to Harvest Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums are fast-growing, low-maintenance, edible perennials; perfect for the novice gardener and the adventurous eater! These peppery petals and greens are yummy in omelettes, salads, and cooked greens.

Last week we made some sweet nasturtium lollipops at Seedsheet HQ. Before you get cooking, here’s some advice for the perfect nasturtium harvest.

The flower buds, mature flowers, and leaves are all edible. Buds and flowers can be harvested as they appear. Baby nasturtium greens are most tender and have the best flavor, so harvest leaves when they are very young.

  • Taste test your nasturtium buds, petals, and leaves at various times throughout the day to decide the optimal harvest time. All components become increasingly peppery and pungent as the day carries on and the plant receives more sun and heat.
  • When harvesting nasturtium flowers, cut stems at approximately 5-7 inches from the blossom, place stems in a vase or jar with water, and move to a cool place if you’re not ready to get cooking. 

Don’t worry about over-picking! With rich soil and plenty of water, these blooms will grow like wildfire.

Happy harvesting!