How to Harvest Marigolds

Marigolds are beautiful and practical! These bright blossoms are perfect companion plants for tomatoes for any grower with pest problems. Don't hesitate to cut back marigold flowers, as the plants are bountiful once they take off. 


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Tips for harvesting marigolds:

1. Marigolds are ready for picking at around 50 days after planting from seed, or when their characteristic large, orange blossoms appear.

2. Harvest first thing in the morning before the stress of the sun and heat wear on your plants. 

3. To harvest, simply sever the blossom and stem at whatever length is desired. Place stems immediately into water. Blooms can last well up to a week this way.

4. Marigolds are often dried as they are able to retain their bright orange color in this state. To do so, remove leaves and hang blossoms upside down in a well-ventilated area until petals are brittle.