How to Harvest and Store Kale


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If you're making smoothies, salads, or pesto this summer, you'll want to skip grocery store greens and grow your own kale! You're in luck, this superfood is super easy to grow. From seed to harvest, kale is cold-resistant and constantly re-producing. Kale yeah! Here's a few tips and tricks to optimizing your kale harvest this growing season. 


Tips for harvesting and storing kale:

1. Kale is ready for harvesting when it's leaves are 6-12 inches in length, or approximately 75 days after planting from seed. 

2. To harvest kale, use your fingers to gently break leaves right where they meet the central stem.

3. Pick approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the plant at a time, always working from the outside inwards and leaving the terminal bud and especially young leaves.

4. After reaching maturity, kale should be harvest on a weekly basis. Frequent harvesting will yield greater production in your kale plants. 

5. To store, simply place washed leaves in a plastic bag in crisper section of the refrigerator.