How to Harvest Chives

Chives are a delicious grass-like cousin of the onion. These little green stalks pack a lot of flavor for their size. When finely chopped, they make a tasty addition to eggs, potatoes, or stir fries. Here are a few tricks for maximizing your chive harvest for some savory eats. 


Tips for harvesting chives:

  • When grown from seed, chives are ready for harvesting 60 days after planting. 
  • Once the chives reach approximately 1 foot in height, cut the stalks down to 1-2 inches from the soil when harvesting.
  • In May or June, chives are likely to flower. These flowers can be picked from the bed and are also edible!
  • Harvest the chives as you need them and store in a sealed bag or container in the fridge.
  • Prep your harvest by chopping and storing to have them ready by the handful when you're cooking.

To spread out the chive-wealth, they can also be dried or flash frozen and bagged to use throughout the year. 

Happy harvesting!