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Have you ever planted and picked your own fresh salad greens?

Gourmet ingredients such as baby kale, pea shoots, and heirloom radishes are simple to grow and don't take up much space. Instead of spending your "whole paycheck" on this perishable produce, try planting your own! These varieties are fast-growing and ready to start harvesting in just 2 weeks. Pick your greens off your porch when you want them, for the freshest possible salads and smoothies. 

All you need to know to grow the 8 varieties in the Salads Seedsheet:

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Beet Greens

  • Here, we're growing "beet greens" instead of beet roots
  • Beet greens can grow crowded together, so there's no need to thin the extra seedlings
  • Harvest the outer/oldest leaves and more will grow back every few days
  • Beet greens contain more nutrients than a beetroot, including high amounts antioxidants, phosphorus and zinc!


Harvest beet greens similar to spinach leaves

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Golden Frills

  • Golden frills is a variety of mustard greens with a slightly peppery taste
  • Harvest the leaves young for a milder flavor
  • Mustard greens are detoxifying, help with eyesight and boost healthy skin
  • Harvest these in the same way of harvesting any tender green

Harvest golden frills just like arugula greens

Salad- French breakfast radish

French Breakfast Radish

  • French Breakfast Radishes are extremely fast-growing
  • Pull extra sprouts so you have 1-2 plants per pod
  • Harvest in about 21 days from planting
  • Radishes are hydrating and great for digestion

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  • Spinach is a classic, hardy-salad green, best consumed fresh off the plant!
  • Make sure to plant into rich, organic soil for the tastiest harvests
  • High nutritional value, lowers risk of cancer, high in antioxidants, healthy levels of iron

Harvesting spinach leaves

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Pea Shoots

  • It's a little known fact that pea "shoots" are edible, even before the pea pods form 
  • These will be ready to start harvesting from in as little as 10 days
  • Cut just above growth point so that new shoots can continue to form
  • High in antioxidants!

Photo Oct 26, 8 25 03 AM.jpg

Red Russian Kale

  • Red Russian is a red-stemmed variety of the infamous kale plant
  • These greens may be eaten as "baby" leaves, instead of waiting for the entire plant to form
  • Harvest outer/oldest leaves and new greenery will grow up out of the middle
  • Kale is high in antioxidants, iron (strong bones), and can lower cholesterol

Harvesting kale leaves

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  • Delicate, mildly peppery green 
  • Harvest outer/oldest leaves so new growth can sprout out from the center of the rosette
  • Shown to combat cancer-causing elements in the body, high in antioxidants, and supports good bone health

Harvesting baby arugula leaves



  • Tatsoi is an Asian salad green, tender enough to eat raw
  • Looks like a mini bok choy, harvest like any baby green (kale, spinach, arugula) and these will grow back soon
  • Loaded with calcium and antioxidants for a healthy addition to any meal

Harvest tatsoi similar to arugula, picking outer/oldest leaves

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Did you know?

There are hundreds if not thousands of seeds that can pose for salad greens, all coming with diverse flavor & nutrient profiles, especially when consumed fresh. With a square foot of sunny space, you can be picking and eating your own salad in 14-20 days. Once you start harvesting, the greens will actually grow back and you'll be able to harvest again 3-5 days later! If taken care of and occasionally fertilized, your plants will be producing like this for weeks (maybe months) on end.  

Salads Seedsheet, what a show-off...

Salads Seedsheet, what a show-off...


Salad Seedsheet Essential Growing Tips:

  • The Salad Seedsheet can be grown outside in full-sun during your climate zone's frost-free parts of the year. All 8 varieties will be ready to harvest after about 3-4 weeks, so count backwards about a month before the first frost if planting outdoors. 
  • All of these plants (except the radish) will continue growing so you can come and cut again each week, depending on how much you harvest.
  • Use organic fertilizer for optimal production and growth.
  • Keep the growing-going! Move your container garden to a sunroom or south-facing window when the temperatures start to dip too low.
  • Get a jump start in the spring: plant your Salad Kit indoors in a sunny window right around your last frost and move it outside once the temperatures are consistently above freezing.
  • Not ready to plant right now? Seedsheets have a 1-year shelf life! Plan to plant yours, of give the gift of a garden to share this DIY fresh herbs hack with a friend. 

Grow Your Own Salads Seedsheet Recipes:


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