DIY Herb Garden: How to Grow Your Own Parsley


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Parsley is a superstar-superfood--there's no time like the present to have it fresh at your fingertips, in your own DIY Herb Garden. It has deep detoxifying qualities, is loaded with vitamins, and cleanses your bones, nervous and immune systems! If you have it growing on the balcony next to your kitchen, you will be more likely to incorporate it into your meals, trust us. From smoothies to spaghetti sauce, the parsley possibilities are endless.


Growing parsley is simple. It has a taproot (deeper root instead of wide-branching roots), so you will need some soft garden soil, or a deep planting container with at least 12” of soil.

  • Plant parsley seeds in a container of soil or in the ground, and cover lightly with soil. Or, plant your Herb Seedsheet and your parsley will be all laid out for you.
  • Water gently on top until the soil is moist all the way through. Keep watering daily to keep the soil moist, but not too wet. Parsley is a bit of a slow-poke in the germination phase, so be patient, it’ll come along (sometimes taking 3-4 weeks to sprout)!
  • Once parsley sprouts, thin to about 2 plants in a cluster every 12” so they have enough space to spread out.


  • When there are at least 3 stem segments on your parsley plants, they are big enough to harvest from. Make sure to only harvest about ⅓ of the total foliage to leave the plants with enough energy to regenerate and regrow for future harvests.

Now that you have your new superfood herb harvest, it’s time to reap the health benefits. Try these making Green Smoothie Shots, one of our favorite parsley recipes:



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