How to Thin Sunflowers

Thin Sunflowers to one plant so it has enough room to grow. Sunflowers are incredible additions to the garden, adding both beauty and huge benefits for bees, so check the tips below for thinning these seedlings.


How to Thin Sunflowers:

  1. First, water the Seedsheet to saturate the soil and avoid damaging the roots. 
  2. Second, select the healthiest plant and gently pull out the extras with your thumb and pointer finger.
  3. Thin Sunflowers to 1-plant so it has enough room to grow.
  4. Pat down the soil around the remaining plants.
  5. The extra seedlings are sunflower sprouts! Have these as a snack, or top your salads with the nutrient-dense plants.
  6. Watch the remaining plant grow tall with healthy leaves and flowers.

Happy Gardening!