How To Plant Your Seedsheet

Have you always wanted to grow a garden, but feeling too afraid to start because it's difficult or you live in an urban place? At Seedsheet, we've made growing your own fresh ingredients ridiculously easy regardless of gardening expertise or limited space. 

Planting a Seedsheet is simple, check out the essential steps below to start growing:


Step One:

Fill your garden container with fresh, organic potting soil until it is filled about an inch from the top. This will allow light to reach the plants immediately as they germinate (sprout). 

How To Plant Your Seedsheet Soil

Step Two: 

Place the Seedsheet seed-side-down on top of the soil, and press down lightly so the seed pouches and fabric are level. Double check that you cannot see the seeds and that the Seedsheet is facing down, or the seeds wont be able to germinate!


Step Three:

Take the three included green stakes in from the package and place them in the perforated holes within the Seedsheet.  These stakes will hold down your Seedsheet and protect from wind.


Step Four:

Now that the Seedsheet is secure, begin watering.  Use a watering can, or a hose with a gentle misting nozzle. Start by watering slowly for about 5 seconds, and then pause for about 20 seconds to let the water soak into the dissolvable pouches. Continue watering in increments until the pouches are completely dissolved. You can check this by lightly poking the soil where the pouches once were. and make sure they have dissolved completely and that the soil from within the pouches is now fully-saturated.  



It's essential that the clear film completely dissolves the first time the Seedsheet is watered! Check on your Seedsheet each day, and keep the soil moist so the seeds can all germinate. Be patient, some seeds are "lazy" and take longer than others.  

Check out our gardening tutorials on how to water and fertilize your Seedsheet to you can grow happy and healthy plants!

Congratulations, you've completed the first step to #SeedsheetSuccess

How To Plant Your Own Seedsheet Garden