How to Harvest Petite Snap Greens

Harvest Petite Snap Greens for pea-shoots, or wait for the pea pods to develop on the vine. These are a fun and frilly variety of peas, great for dramatic garnishes! Check out our harvesting tips below to promote continuous leaf-production for multiple harvests.


How to Harvest Petite Snap Greens:

  1. Start harvesting after about 2 weeks, or when the plant has 2-3 sets of leaves.
  2. With a pair of scissors, snip off the pea shoots right above a growth point or node. Only take about 1/3 of the total plant material to allow it to grow back for future harvests.
  3. Or, wait an additional few weeks for flowers and pea pods to develop on the plants and harvest those.
  4. Add your pea shoots to salads or make a Mind Your P's and Q's!

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