How to Harvest Nasturtiums

Nasturtium plants grow incredibly prolific, you may need to hack the foliage back if it encroaches on a neighboring plant. Harvest Nasturtiums for the edible flowers, leaves and seeds (pickle for the "poor man's caper"). Flowers add a sweet and spicy kick on top of a fresh salad or meal garnish. 



  1. Harvest Nasturtium leaves after about 4 weeks to taste the flavor, but wait for 7 weeks of growth for the flowers to make an appearance.
  2. Flowers can be harvested frequently to encourage more bloom-production.
  3. Take a pair of scissors and snip the stem right below a flower.
  4. The Nasturtium plants will continue to produce more buds and brightly-colored blossoms!
  5. Make a fresh salad and add that impressive, vibrant-color.

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