How to Harvest Emerald Oak Lettuce

Emerald Oak Lettuce is a delicious variety to grow for the most beautiful and tender homegrown salads. This type of lettuce is buttery in texture, as it's a relative of the renowned butterhead leaves! Check out the tips below for harvesting your best Emerald Oak Lettuce. 


How to Harvest Emerald Oak Lettuce:

1. It is essential to thin lettuce so the remaining two plants will grow large and lush heads of greens. 

2. After about 8 weeks of growth, the Emerald Oak Lettuce will be ready to harvest. Be sure to harvest lettuce early in the morning or in the evening to avoid the heat of the day. 

3. Take a knife, and cut the base of the stem at the surface of the soil taking the entire plant. If plants were previously thinned to two, leave the second plant to develop into an even larger harvest in just a week or two. 

4. Careful not to let the lettuce grow too long, or it will bolt (produce flowers) and begin to taste bitter. 

5. Enjoy some homegrown BLT's!

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