How to Harvest Carrots

Homegrown carrots are hard to beat, their sweetness is always better than anything you can buy! Are you wondering when it's time to pull them out of the soil? Harvest your carrots with our pointers below for a fresh, crunchy snack.


How to Harvest Carrots:

  1. Harvest carrots after about 60 days, or when the "shoulders" of the root are showing on the surface of the soil. 
  2. Water the garden near the carrots, so the soil is saturated.
  3. Pinch the base of the stem where it meets the root, and pull upwards dislodging the carrot from the soil. Feel free to cut a slit in the Seedsheet here to allow the root to fit through the hole. 
  4. Make your own fresh Spicy Carrot Juice.

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