How to Harvest Buzz Buttons

Harvest Buzz Buttons for the fresh leaves and the flowers, or dry for later use. Buzz Buttons are known as the "toothache plant", because they give your mouth a temporary tingling-numbing feeling sometimes used in herbal medicine to relieve pain. Health benefits include immense immune support and flushing out the lymphatic system! See our tips on how to harvest below.


How to Harvest Buzz Buttons:

  1. Pick Buzz Button-leaves, after about 6 weeks, when the plant is at least 10" tall. Only take a quarter of the plant at a time to promote continuous growth.
  2. Harvest flowers (after about 90 days of growth) by taking a pair of scissors and snipping the stem right below a flower bud. 
  3. Continually harvest flower buds, and the plant will keep producing more blooms to pick.
  4. Enjoy the buzz!

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