How to Harvest Broccoli

Harvest Broccoli at the right time, to get a solid main-head, and the plant will produce side-shoots for additional harvests. Broccoli is a cool-loving plant, so it will produce better yields in the spring and fall. 



  1. After about 60 days of growth, or when the broccoli plant sends up a central "crown", it's time to harvest.
  2. Take a serrated knife and cut the main stalk right below the top crown of buds. There is a short harvest window of just a few days before the broccoli buds will burst open and produce yellow flowers. These are edible too, but the plant will taste a bit bitter as it grows in maturity. 
  3. After harvesting this main head of broccoli, the plant will produce side-shoots (mini harvests) off the sides of the main stem. 
  4. Use your homegrown, tender broccoli in salads, dip in some 3-Herb Tzatziki, or throw into a garden fresh stir-fry.

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