Homemade Hot Pepper Flakes

For the ultimate spicy-lover, grow your own hot peppers and make easy spicy flakes to add to pizzas, stir fry, or any other favorite meal!


  • Freshly harvested red cayenne peppers from your Hot Sauce Seedsheet


  1. Using a dehydrator (on the "fruit" setting) or oven at 200F, arrange peppers on a tray and dry for about 3 hours or until the flesh is crisp.
  2. Remove peppers from the oven and take off the stems over a tray to contain the seeds. 
  3. Grind dried peppers in a food processor or coffee grinder to make your own DIY hot pepper flakes. Store in a spice jar and use as desired.


Other tips for your dehydrated peppers:

  • Keep the peppers whole and string on a needle and thread to hang in a kitchen window for "organic" decorations. Pluck one when you're ready to turn up the heat!
  • Store dried whole peppers in a ziploc bag in a cool, dry place.
  • Decorate spice jars with lids for fun DIY holiday gifts. 
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