5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With An Herb Seedsheet

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your Herb Seedsheet


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1. Take multiple cuttings of your herb plants.

Let your Herb Seedsheet be your flavor pantry. The plants store the foliage for you, so take what you need when your recipe calls for it, and leave the rest for tomorrow's dinner. 

Basil: Pick individual leaves or pinch off the new growth at point where the leaf meets the stem. This will actually help your plant grow outwards and produce more leaves!

Cilantro: With a pair of scissors, cut the outer leaves when the plants are about 6” tall. Leave the inner leaves to promote new growth.

Dill: Cut stems of a few leaves at a time, making sure to leave half or more on the plant so it can continue to produce herbage for your next use. 

Parsley: Harvest when the leaf stems have three segments, cutting outer leaves first.


2. Store your herbs in a jar or vase & conserve refrigerator real-estate. 

Fresh herbs are like fresh flowers, and do well on the kitchen counter in a mason jar or vase with water. If the foliage gets wet in a plastic bag in the fridge, it will turn brown and have cold-damage. Additionally, fresh herbs will make your kitchen look and smell great, not to mention impress all of your friends. A sure way to up the adult-credibility of your home. 

3. Preserve your herbs

If you're overwhelmed by your successful gardening skills or not sure what to do with all of the bounty, you don’t need to decide now. Drying (hanging or in a dehydrator) or freezing herbs is a great way to save them for later. Drying and freezing work well for some herbs but not all. 

4. Freshen up a salad dressing. 

Adding chopped parsley in your dijon vinaigrette, or julienned basil in balsamic dressing. Make salad more interesting with the pungent flavors of your herbs smattered on a fresh bed of greens. Not to mention the health benefits that come along for the ride! 

5. Let your garden be your best roommate! 

Is winter weather killing your gardening vibes? Plant your Herb Seedsheet in a 1’x3’ container and place in a sunny windowsill or under a simple grow light. Guaranteed it will be your best-smelling roommate…and it wont even talk back or leave dirty dishes in the sink.



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