How to Grow Your Own Caprese Salad Garden

how to grow your own caprese salad garden
GYO Caprese Seedsheet
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Grow your own tomatoes and basil with a caprese garden on your porch, balcony or roof to have the most delicious ingredients. Nothing gets more local than this. 

Imagine the sweetest, most flavorful caprese salad you've ever had. Did you grow the tomatoes and basil yourself? Tomatoes, basil & mozzarella cheese are inarguably a match made in heaven. However, a seasoned-eater of this epic combo will know that not all caprese salads are created equal. Out-of-season tomatoes are unripe and utterly tasteless (those which have no acceptable role on the planet). On top of the lack of sweetness, conventionally-produced tomatoes are on the "dirty dozen" list for high levels of pesticide residue. Yikes.

Grow Your Own Caprese Kit Ingredients:

Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil

  • Sweet basil is your standard, wide-leaf variety. If multiple sprouts come up, make sure to "thin" your basil to two-sprouts per pod.
  • Basil will be ready to start harvesting in about 40 days. Pinch off the tops of plants or cut stems and the plants will grow back for continuous harvests.

How to Harvest Basil

Glacier Tomato

Glacier Tomato

  • This organic, nonGMO tomato variety is only 55 days to harvest. These fruits will taste better if grown next to basil.
  • Make sure to "thin" tomato seedlings to one-sprout per pod for optimal growth.
  • Check out this video on how to prune tomato "suckers", and click the Tutorial Button on the right for more details!

How to Harvest Tomatoes

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Did you know? 

  • Tomatoes are a significant source of nutrients and antioxidants, most notably vitamin C, molybdenum, biotin, and vitamin K. (Translation: good for your immune system, cancer-preventing, help maintain strong bones, good for your heart, eyes, and more.)
  • Basil relieves anxiety & stress, has antibacterial properties, aids sleeping, & is a tool for pain relief. 

  • Tomatoes are "companion plants" with basil. The fruits actually taste better when planted next to this herb due to the way they interact with different nutrients in the soil. 

Recipes for your Caprese Seedsheet:

Caprese Seedsheet Essential Growing Tips:

  • The Caprese Seedsheet can be grown outside in full-sun during your climate zone's frost-free parts of the year. Basil & glacier tomatoes will be ready to harvest after about 4-6 weeks, so count at least 2 months back before the first frost if planting outdoors. 
  • Move your container garden inside to a sunroom or south-facing window to keep it growing when the temperatures start to dip too low.
  • Tomatoes and basil love warm soil to sprout, so plant the Caprese Kit indoors in a sunny window right after your last frost and move it outside a couple weeks after your area reaches 65-70F. 
  • Use organic fertilizer for optimal production and growth.
  • Not ready to plant right now? Seedsheets have a 1-year shelf life! Plan to plant yours, of give the gift of a garden to share this DIY fresh herbs hack with a friend. 

How to Grow Food Inside

How to Grow Food Inside

Growing Inside?

Check out our blog post with the essential tips you need to have year-round caprese salad production in the comfort of your own home!