How to Start a DIY Urban Garden in Miami, Florida

Have you always wanted to create your own urban herb-oasis in Miami, Florida, but thought you didn’t know enough about gardening? Florida is called the Sunshine State for a simple reason: it is an ideal place to start your own urban garden, with 250 days of sun per year. Plants grow in all different shapes and sizes, and with a window sill, patio or rooftop, container gardening is the ultimate solution to becoming your own farmer's market.

As Southern Florida locals know, along with those days of intense sun that plants crave, the weather brings another crucial ingredient: rain. As a result, Miami is a perfect place to start your own urban garden, and all it takes is some simple steps to get your own DIY growing setup in place.

Follow these 3 steps to grow your own garden and reap the benefits:

1. Select a container.

Choose a container size that best suits your space! Just make sure that your container has holes in the bottom to allow for drainage and supports your plants with soil depth of 6-12 inches for growing greens or fresh herbs. You can rock a DIY project and build your container, order one online, or get creative with materials (have any buckets lying around?).

2. Answer the crucial question: What delicious produce do I want at my fingertips?

We recommend starting with a herb garden for a couple reasons. First, they are very space efficient. And, second, you can easily utilize these herbs in basically any meal you make! Whether, it’s a peasto pesto, a yummy cheese and herb ball, or a bluberry basil and kale smoothie, you will have endless possibilities for impressive meals/appetizers/treats.

3. Put it all together and watch your green thumbs grow. 

Grab some organic potting soil, fill your container, and plant some herbs, flowers, or veggies via transplant or seed. If you want to save time and plant your garden in 30 seconds, the Seedsheet is your turn-key solution. These roll-out gardens are made for urban production -- rooftop, windowsill, and patio-friendly-- and you wont have to waste time looking for individual seeds or plants to put together. You're welcome. 


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