DIY Container Garden: How to Grow Food on Your Balcony, Rooftop, or Fire Escape

Gardens don't have to be limited to those of us with a giant backyard or huge raised beds. Give yourself the gift of fresh herbs, flowers and veggies by just setting up shop on your balcony, rooftop or fire escape. Open your mind, grow a garden anywhere! Here are garden-hacks we've compiled just for you to start your own urban oasis.

1. Grab a container.

  To grow flowers or non-edible plants, feel free to use any vessel for your garden. If you want to grow herbs, vegetables or fruit, make sure to use a food-grade container or planter. This is a good chance to reuse old food containers such as 5-gallon pickle buckets, yogurt containers or milk jugs. Planting pots from a garden center will do well too. 

2. Pick up some soil & seeds.

     Decide what you want to grow based on how much sunlight your space receives. Do you want your own fresh herbs? Try using a 1'x3' herbsheet , and cut it to fit the containers you have. Check out the Seedsheet Shop for a vast selection of herbs, flowers, and vegetables. 

3. Plant. 

    Fill your container with soil, and lay your seeds or Seedsheet on top. Water until the soil is moist, and the pods completely dissolve. Feel free to gently poke around the soil to make sure it is completely moist so the seeds can germinate. Yes, it was that easy. 

4. Eat & repeat. 

    Try making some Mango Cilantro Salsa or Spring Siracha Deviled Eggs with your new fresh harvests, and save money on buying herbs, one bunch at a time. Less will be wasted because your plants will store the excess for you right on the stem. No-brainer. 



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