Chocolate Mint Greens Shake Recipe


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 Superfood greens harvested from your garden combined with chocolatey-cocoa goodness becomes a milkshake-match made in heaven. Pair the high antioxidants from raw cocoa powder and nutrient-dense spinach to give yourself a detoxifying energy boost for the day. 



Handful of fresh spinach (harvested from your backyard or container garden)

Small container of plain Greek yogurt (about 1 cup)

Handful of fresh mint leaves

1/4 cup chocolate chips

1 T raw cocoa powder

1 cup of your favorite milk (cow, goat, sheep, buffalo, alpaca, oat, almond, soy...)

Drizzle of maple syrup

Ice, as desired



Combine all ingredients in a blender and blitz until fully combined. There are endless opportunities to get creative here, even based on what you have in your garden, fridge or pantry. 



-Add a frozen banana to make the consistency thicker.

-Freeze yogurt ahead of time for added texture.

-Use kale or other greens in place of spinach.

-Skip the maple for less sweetness, or try adding raw honey instead. 


Sip & enjoy!


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